After sales service

After-sales service

Xinyuan has a comprehensive after-sales service system throughout the country to solve any problems encountered in operation and use, and enjoy the worry-free service guarantee throughout the process.

Tel +86-579-87253588

If you have problems, please call the Service Hotline +86-579-87253588 for consultation。

Warranty Policy

The company will unconditionally recall the products with quality defects upon confirmation.

AC product whole machine warranty for 6 months or rotor commutator diameter wear within 0.2 mm, whichever comes first.

Lithium battery product quality problems can be returned after confirmation by the company, non-quality problems cannot be returned.

Motors, battery packs, and chargers are warranted for one year according to the production date indicated. During the warranty period, there is no quality issue. The company provides paid services.

Warranty not included

Under normal use, any natural wear, such as the rotor commutator diameter wear amount exceeds 0.2 mm), does not follow the construction instructions, overload work.

The battery pack or charger is damaged due to water, moisture, and other factors. It does not participate in warranty service.

Chucks, soft shaft grippers for hanging grinding, chain guides for electric chain saws, stirring rods for mixers, wool balls, wool disks for polishing machines, saw blades for electric circular saws, and other accessories

Damage caused by incorrect use of original source parts and accessories

Any self-refitting and dismantling products